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Fall 2015 Registration
Registration for the Fall 2015 bocce season is now open. We're hosting 10 divisions this fall. Choose to roll on a bocce court at a bar with BAR BOCCE, or get your glow on with our light-up bocce balls at GLO BOCCE. Click here to learn more about each division. Sign up early and save up to $10 on registration! Stay up-to-date on all future seasons when you join our mailing list. For help, please email

Please note: the DC Bocce League is transitioning to a new website and content management system hosted by League Apps. The new site will require you to first create an account with a username and password. For help, please email

Fall 2015 Schedule at a Glance:
Games are played once a week. There are 6 weeks of regular season games, followed by playoffs, and and an end-of-season championship and party. Click here to learn more about each division. Use the chart below to see how the fall season fits into your calendar:

DC Bocce League Website Upgrade:
The DC Bocce League is in the process of upgrading our website and content management system. When registering for the fall season, you will be taken to a new site hosted by League Apps. To complete your registration, you must first create an account. The new site requires a processing a fee, which has been built into the price of each division, effecively waiving the fee for the fall season. For assistance, please email

Player Eligibility:
All players must be 21 years of age or older 
All players must be properly registered through the DC Bocce League 
All players must pay the full registration fee
All players must have adequate health insurance 
All players must sign the Release Form/Waiver

General Registration Information
Please take a moment to review the registration information below.

When can I register?
Registration runs on a seasonal basis (spring, summer, fall, winter).  In the past registration for select divisions have sold out very quickly (within the hour of opening), so it is best to sign up right when registration opens to ensure your team gets a spot in the league. To make sure you are up-to-date on all registration opening, sign up on our mailing list.

How do I register?

  1. Click on the registration link located near the top of this page to begin.  Select your day/location of play.
  2. Next, select one of three options from the drop down menu: Create a New Team, Join an Existing Team, or Register Without a Team.
  3. Finally fill out the registration form along with your payment information and hit submit.  It's that easy!

How do I create a team?
When you select the "Create a New Team" option you will be asked to set up a team name and a team password. Send your teammates your team name and password information so they can sign up on your team. Please inform your teammates that passwords are case sensitive. By creating a team, you are designating yourself as team captain.

How do I join a team?
When you select the "Join an Existing Team" option you will be able to select from a list of teams in the division. When you register you must enter a team password to join the team created by your captain. If you do not have the team password check with your captain. Passwords are case sensitive. If you do not know the people on the teams that have been created, register instead by selecting the "Register without a team" option and we'll place you on one at the close of registration.

How many players can be on a team?
Different divisions within DC Bocce have different player minimum requirements.  Our Outdoor Bocce divisions require a minimum of 6 players. Our Bar Bocce divisions require a minimum of only 5 players. This policy is in place to ensure teams have enough people to field a roster each week and to avoid forfeits. We do not have a maximum number of players, but can recommend a ceiling of 10 players to make sure each person gets enough playing time. 

What if I don't have enough people to play on a team?
We reserve a number of team spots in each division for individuals signing up separately.  If you are interested in playing bocce but don't have a team you can sign up by selecting the "Register without a team" option.

If you have a couple of friends who are interested in playing but not a full team, you can all register without a team. When you register, there will be a space for you to add your friends' names. After we close registration, we will use those notes to place you all together on the same team.

All individual registrants will be placed on teams at the close of registration, at which time we will contact the newly formed team with an introduction email.  At that time you will select a team name and captain.

What if my team played in the league before?
All teams must be created from scratch, and will be created on a first come first serve basis once registration opens. There are no carry-overs from previous seasons.

What happens if I can't sign up?

If your division of choice fills up, try signing up for different division. Demand for each day and location vary, and there may be openings in the other divisions. If some people are unable to play on other days, you may consider splitting your team up and playing as individuals on different days. We promise you will make friends--everyone in the league is very friendly. If you must play in a specific division, email your division manager or and request to be placed on the waitlist. Sometime teams may drop out or need to be combined and space may open up.  Waitlist spots are not guaranteed, so your best bet is to sign up right when registration opens to get your division of choice.

How much does it cost?
The price to play depends on the division. All Bar Bocce divisions are priced between $60-$70/player depending on the division. All GLO Bocce and Outdoor Bocce divisions are priced at $60/player. These are the standard registration prices, however, there is a price increase towards the end of the registration period for late registrants. We cannot emphaize enough how important it is to sign up early! All DC Bocce League members receive an official t-shirt, enjoy exclusive food and beer specials at their sponsor bar, as well as free parties, contests, prizes, and exclusive event opportunities throughout the season. Any cancellations made before the close of registration will be subject to a $25 cancellation charge. No cancellations/refunds will be accepted after registration closes.

I read the above and still need help!
For help with registration or questions about the season, please send an email to Cheers!

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