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Registration is almost HERE for the Fall 2013 Season!

The Fall season of District Skee is just around the corner. Registration for the Fall season of District Skee opens Monday, August 26th at 12:00PM.  Play Tuesday evenings all fall long at H Street Country Club starting October 1st.  All games will begin at or after 6:30PM!

Please click the link below to join in three ways: Create a Team; Join and Existing Team; or Register without a Team (and we'll put you with some awesome free-agents).  Each player gets a team t-shirt and seven weeks of skeeball competition. Early bird registration is $30 however the price will jump up to $60 on June 10th.  Email to have any questions answered.

To keep track of any updates about this season or the next one, please be sure to Like us on Facebook and stay in the loop about what's going on. If you have any questions, send us an email.

Player Eligibility
All players must be 21 years of age or older
All players must be properly registered through District Skee
All players must pay the full registration fee at time of registration 
All players must have adequate health insurance
All Players must sign the Release Form/Waiver

Fall 2013 Schedule
Games will take place on Tuesday evenings starting at 6:30PM

Registration Opens: September 3
Price increase: September 9
Week 1: October 1
Week 2: October 8
Week 3: October 15
Week 4: October 22
Week 5: October 29
Week 6: November 5
Playoffs: November 12
Elite 8, Final 4, Championship: November 19
Finals and Party: TBD

General Registration Information
Please take a moment to review the registration information below.

When can I register?
Registration opens at 12:00 pm. We anticipate registration selling out quickly so it is best to sign up for our mailing list to make sure you have all the information well in advance.

How do I register?
Click on the "Register Now" link to begin. Next you will have the option of creating a team, joining a team, or signing up as an individual (to be placed on team later).  Finally fill out the registration form along with your payment information and hit submit.  It's that easy.

How do I create a team?
When you select the "Create a Team" option you will be asked to set up a team name and a team password.  When your teammates go through registration later, they must use your team name and password.  Please send them that information once you have completed your registration. By creating a team, you are designating yourself as team captain.

How do I join a team?
Select your desired team from list.  When you register you will be able to enter your team password to join the team created by your captain.  You must have the team password in order to join the team.  If you do not have the team password check with your captain.  If you do not know the people on the team you can't join it, but you can sign up to play as an individual without a team.

How many players can be on a team?
You must have a minimum of 8 people to create a full team.  You can have a maximum of 16 people per team.

What if I don't have enough people to play on a team?
We reserve a number of team spots for individuals signing up separately.  If you are interested in playing skeeball but don't have a team you can sign up as an individual.

If you have a couple of friends who are interested in playing but not a full team, you can all sign up to play as individuals.  Just fill in the appropriate registration field with the names and email addresses of those you wish to play with and send us an e-mail requesting to be placed on the same team after everyone has registered.

All individual registrants will be placed on teams at the close of registration, at which time we will contact the newly formed team with an introduction email.  At that time you will select a team name and captain.

What happens if I can't sign up?

If the League sell out, send us an e-mail to be added to the waitlist.  Waitlist spots are not guaranteed, so your best bet is to sign up right when registration opens.

How much does it cost?
Registration costs depend on when you register, the earlier the better!  The benefits of becoming a District Skee member include FREE skeeball during league play, an official leauge t-shirt, food and beer specials, plus free parties, contests, prizes, and exclusive event opportunities throughout the season.  Any cancellations made before the close of registration will be subject to a $25 cancellation charge. No cancellations/refunds will be accepted after registration closes.